helping international users unlock their 'what if' moments is my bread and butter, while producing videos is my jam. during pockets of free time, i'm likely knocking off titles from my 2018 goodreads challenge on san francisco muni, playing tennis, or editing my bajillionth travel photo. 

things im counting down for: (1) nothing on us: pinays rising film festival tour** (2) fall weather!! (3) filipino american hystory month

topics of recent conversations: (1) PINAYS PINAYS PINAYS (2) part-time celebrity lyfe (3) do i want kids?

my current mantra (among many): be present, be open, become. -ate irene, entrepinays

(last updated 10.14)

New York, NY - 9/9/18 (DONE)
Paris, France - 9/21/18 (NYC2Paris Film Fest - DONE) 
Toronto, Canada - 10/13/18 (Reelworld Short Film Program - DONE)
Atlanta, GA - 10/16 (Urban Mediamakers Film Festival - DONE)
Boston, MA - 10/20/18 (Boston Asian American Film Festival - DONE)
Guam - 10/21/18 & 10/27/18 (Guam International Film Festival - DONE)
San Francisco, CA - 10/28/18 (Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture - DONE)
San Francisco, CA - 11/9/18 (Cinematografo Film Festival)
Philadelphia, PA - 11/10/18 (Philadelphia Asian American Film & Filmmakers)
San Francisco, CA - 11/16/18 (Today at Apple event)

see you there?