best technology purchases

If you're like me and hyper-conscious about spending, you'll know that big purchases take time and weighing out costs + benefits. In short, I collect expensive gadgets so I make sure I get the quality of what I pay for. Here are some of my best decisions that have earned even better long term benefits. 

Sony a7s, 50mm f1.4 lens

For as long as I could remember (circa 2004), I'd only ever shot Canon and even dubbed myself a 'canon loyal'. I finally made the switch when I purchased a mirrorless camera body, the Sony a7s — the older, OG brother to the amazing Sony a7sII. I regret not waiting for the sII, but I don't regret making the sony switch. On top of it being my first full-frame (FF) camera, it can also use other Canon/Nikon lenses with a Sony > EF lens adaptor (Neewer, $100). The small body is also convenient for travel since it looks like a simple point-and-shoot. Most of the gallery on my photos tab were shot on this camera.

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Kindle Paperwhite

Similar to my canon loyalty, I also identified as a paper crusader. Feeling the texture of book pages, seeing how much further in the book I have to go, and head nodding at other book holders on the bus are all part of the joys of carrying around paperbacks and hard covers. The switch to the kindle was for convenience and cost. It's much easier to tap a screen than hold and flip a page on a crowded bus or over a meal. What makes the kindle family even more awesome, is connecting to Overdrive and accessing a public library's catalog. The paperwhite is a perfect handheld device with its rubbery matte finish and backlit screen, convenient for reading anywhere and everywhere. 

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Fitbit Charge2

I've always considered these fitness devices as motivation placebos. Boy have I been proven wrong. The Charge2 has not only great to track my activity, but also measure my heart rate and cardio fitness scores. I'm now more tuned in to the patterns of my body and I can see progress over time. All the dashboards and weekly reports consolidate all the info and areas of improvement really clearly. The best part about the Charge2 is the PurePulse pulse tracker. It uses a green LED light that reflects off the skin to detect change in blood flow, which better measures calorie burn and resting heart rate. It's been a real motivation {not a placebo!} to encourage other people to purchase one, too.