SoMa Pilipinas Design Charrette: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA

SoMa Pilipinas 101
In April of 2016, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed legislation zoning out a large swath of land in San Francisco's red hot SOMA (South of Market) area. From 2nd St. on the east, to 11th St. on the west and going down from Market St. to Brannan, SOMA Pilipinas encompasses a wide variety of buildings, parks, and community services group that have served the Filipino community for decades. (via

It takes a village to raise a child, so birthing a cultural heritage district is going to take multiple villages. What started out as an idea has transformed into town halls and community events, drawing in folks from the neighborhood, organizations, designers and community builders. The latest of these events was a design charrette. A charrette involves a meeting of the minds to raise solutions, wherein we hope to answer: How is this cultural heritage district going to look, thrive and best represent a heterogenous identity? The photos below highlight the activities and community creations with good vibes and kapwa power permeating throughout the Bayanihan Community Center.